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My first Night in Banff

First Night

My First Night in Banff

I recently found a collection of Postcards which my mother had given me, and inside were some interesting ones of Banff. I neglected to bring any with me, of course, but what I do remember is this peculiar printing process they had.

This process was due to the mixture of picments through a color halftone pattern, similar to the Meyer(?) pattern used in comic books. The same pattern that Lichtenstein used so much in his work.

The other fortunate thing was that this was my first night in banff, with cameras, and there was a full moon. I just couldn't let this opportunity pass me by, so I decided to go outside and take some photographs.

The Walk

The Walk

I decided to use one of my more 'automatic' cameras, which I sadly forgot to set to auto focus, so some of the images turned out a bit fuzzy.

All things considered, though, I think these worked fairly well.

Shooting in near darkness kinda makes any kind of developed image a successful one.



Tons of traffic

Banff is banff, a mecca for wilderness seekers in the natural splendor of a National Park.

Banff townsite is a mecca for those who want to play. And shop, and play some more, then drink, play, throw up, sleep around, and wake up to go to work the next morning.

I'm hoping to do a lot of my work without using the car. It was so fast to get to the townsite, and the Banff Cener is so close by that I may be able to do a lot just by walking. Some of the more complicated things will, of course, require the car to carry equipment. We shall see.

The Walk


Tons of traffic

Banff is a hodgepodge of people. I can't wait to try some real street photography here. I really want to do some more complicated multi-camera work in the downtown core.

I shall have to check to see if there are any rules for photography.

I suspect there may be some, similar to Washington, that involve whether you have a tripod or other pedestrian-blocking camera holders...


Tons of traffic

You can meet a lot of people in Banff.

People who work here come from all over the world.

People who play here come from all over the world.

People who study here come from all over the world.

You should meet at least one person who doesn't live where you live, if you don't what is wrong with you…?


Tons of traffic

Like I said, it's the place to meet a lot of people.

(I'm trying to be subtle here, so don't make me state the obvious.)

I stopped drinking (beer) for a while and I don't know anyone so about the most dangerous drink I will get is a coffee.

I doubt if many sleepovers started with a coffee...

the town of Banff

The Town of Banff

(and commercialization)

Banff is old, having started as a stop for the trains.

Banff is world reknowned for the hot springs.

Banff is a unique place due to it's being in a National Park.

Banff is full of stores.

There are more candyshops, per capita, in banff than any other town in Canada, possibly NOrth America.

(Guess who is trying to eat less candy this year, too?)

at night


The streets do not roll up at midnight like in a lot of places, There are almost always people roaming the streets in Banff.


Of course, some streets are deserted.

Not always!

And some streets are not.

Truly Empty

And of course, some places are always empty...

the watchful eye

The Dread Zoltar!

But no matter how empty, Zoltar is always there

With a very strange russian accent

in the front entrance of a knick-knack store

and his flower?

Somehow, you kind of lose your menacing masculinity when you stand next to a plastic flower.

this document

The Engine

This little project is powered by a Publishing Engine which I have been developing myself

The goal is to allow people to publish their own content on the net in a magazine format as easily as it is to upload to flickr.

This part of the engine has taken 20 months to get to this point, but the end result will be to allow the creation of content online to share through a community of like minded people.

If you would like more information on the engine, it's use and possible variations, please feel free to contact myself, the creator: Gerry Straathof. I'm a recent graduate from the Media and Digital Technologies program at the Alberta College of Art and Design.