Christmas 2012


It's all snowy outside this year for Christmas.

And a star rises in the East.

{Okay, it's a moon... I think. It could also be a deathstar}

Who am I?

My name is Gerry.

This is my rambling tirade.

{Okay, it's just me rambling. The tirade may come later. It depends what I get for Christmas.}

I'm a photographer.

I have many cameras. It's something I do for a digital-media based expression of artwork.

Lately I have been playing with an iphone app called Hipstamatic. Most of the images here are taken with that app. Call it an 'experiment'. Or call it laziness. I call it "fun".

I believe in science.

But that doesn't mean I don't have respect for the beliefs of others.

Like those who believe Christmas is about this guy's birthday.

(warning: This may not be an accurate representation of Christ.)

Santa Scope

The whole holiday season has become somewhat more... interesting over the past century.

This is the Santa Scope in one of the more typical gathering places, a modern cathedral to commerce called a "Mall". You can view the progress of Santa across the wide expanse of sky under the full light of the moon (or deathstar)

But truthfully, this part of the mythology and spirituality of Christmas did come first.

Goodwill to all (not just men)... and the rest of that.


I, personally prefer one of the other celebrations of consumption, however.

A form of consumption that symbolizes the decapitation of your enemies heads through the selective biting of COOKIES

First you crush your enemies with marble rolling pins, flattening their carcases into a equally-thick-mush...

After which you cut the mush into vague humaniod shapes to be baked at high degrees until toasty and consumable.

current consumers

You can see the tradition of bloodlust and terror, of kings smiting their enemies into tastily baked pulp has changed somewhat.

{I consider it way too tame now, but maybe that's just me.}

Now, though, the traditions have been passed along to become new things for the demonic and dangerous children of the more complacent present dwellers of this realm.

Future consumers

They are being formally and properly educated in the new forms of celebration, and looking forward to the results of their hard labor.

(Give me a break. I was rushed and uncertain as to putting easily recognizable people in these photos...)

the end...

or is it..?